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Redford Constructions has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is used on all of its projects. Our EMS has been based on the guidelines set by the New South Wales government and contains targets and objectives to better control environmental issues relating to construction.

The aim of this system is to manage all health, safety and public, process and product related safety issues.

Redford Constructions believes that all personnel involved in the company’s operations have appropriate training so that each individual concerned understands the environmental aspects and controls of their responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of Redford Constructions employees to implement and undertake the relevant parts of the company environmental policy and procedures pertaining to their activities within the company.

Through training our staff we will know how to initiate corrective actions on environmental matters, issues and concerns where and when appropriate.

Hicks Management carries out regular business process reviews and therefore continuous improvement forms an essential part in maintaining our EMS. It is the policy of this company to continuously strive to improve environmental performance.

This policy is consistent with our general corporate policy, and at all times relates to our actual sites and related activities.

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