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Redford Constructions is a full service General Contractor. We are highly skilled and sensitive to the fact that each owner wants their property back in order as quickly as possible. Our team of trained professionals is uniquely experienced in reconstruction, repair or rebuilding for private, commercial or industrial sites of any size. With our 50 combined years of experience, Redford Constructions has handled every imaginable type of damage. You can trust that we know exactly what to do for you. We provide a full range of reconstruction services dealing with all phases of restoration from start to finish.

When you call Redford you can rest assured that your job will be handled quickly, professionally and completely.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and carefully developed procedures, we can efficiently respond to disasters large or small.

When disaster strikes, our planning starts by:
Parking Lot Steam Cleaningcarefully analysing the loss
Parking Lot Steam Cleaningestablishing priorities
Parking Lot Steam Cleaningselecting a course of action
Parking Lot Steam Cleaningdeveloping procedures for decontamination (if needed)
Parking Lot Steam Cleaningplotting time lines
Parking Lot Steam Cleaningimplementing a plan of action

This insures efficient recovery thus reducing a loss of time and money. From a small dry wall repair caused by a burst pipe to a major catastrophe from water, fire or natural causes we are ready to service your restoration or reconstruction needs.






> Fire restoration
> Mould remediation
> Water damage restoration
> General construction
> Commercial carpet cleaning
> Pressure washing services

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