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Redford Constructions is committed in providing good working conditions to paid staff, and other sub-contractors who may undertake work on our sites as we believe in a just society which should provide opportunities for workers to engage in work which is:

  1. safe and secure
  2. satisfying and socially useful, and
  3. productive and environmentally
We also promote:
  • Opportunities for workers to receive education and training appropriate for the achievement of relevant trade and professional accreditation;
  • equal opportunities, and
  • generally fair and equitable treatment across the workforce, for all workers;
  • responsible management and democratic control
  • the prevention of discrimination and ensure equal pay for men and women

This is achieved through:

  • Effective consultation between federal governments, employers and in some cases unions on all aspects of industrial legislation;
  • Strong occupational health and safety practices supported by our employees that aims to eliminate workplace accidents and injury and
  • Government assisted rehabilitation system to support the physical redevelopment for injured employees through a fair and reasonable system of workers compensation. These good rehabilitation programs will ensure that employees reasonably return to safe and suitable work.

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