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Most mould remediation projects are the result of excessive humidity levels, improper water damage remediation, poor air circulation, or water occurrence.

Mould growth can begin within 72 hours of water contact, if the water comes into contact with building materials and is not noticed or extracted properly. The mould growth may or may not be visible from inside the infected area. The mould contamination may stay hidden within the walls, under the floor, or above the ceiling.

Mould contamination can cause headaches, drowsiness, muscle aches, upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds, or even coughing up blood. This can result in transmitting further illness to people occupying the infected area.

We can help with your mould problem by; testing the indoor air quality, removing all mould and disposing of it properly, and treat all contaminated areas with biocides.

No matter how severe the damage, it's in the owner's best interest to employ a professional mould remediation specialist to carry out the restoration process. Insufficient techniques and incomplete removal by unqualified contractors can potentially cause ongoing damage after the treatment and result in more cost to the owner.

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