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Infrared Thermography for the Building Industry

Sub-standard buildings are inefficient, costly to heat and cool and can cost building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual energy and maintenance bills. Being green in the building industry makes a lot of sense. Not to mention unwanted greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere and increased power consumption.

Little wonder the building and construction industry is increasingly turning to FLIR Systems infrared technology to pinpoint the leaks, minimise energy loss and save large amounts of money.
Inferred cameras are used for building inspections in Australia and world-wide. Infrared technology can be used to inspect buildings for faults and incorporated into industrial predictive and preventative maintenance programs. The temperature calibrated infrared images can see small, hidden problems before they become big ones. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, thermography allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.

Things like insulation failure in ceilings or faulty insulation installation in walls allowing heat loss and dampness to enter. Faulty installation of doors and windows allowing excessive heat loss and poor thermal mass. Thermography is the quickest and best method to uncover construction failures which can be measured easily and seen simply on screen.

Themal Imaging Technology

FLIR B400 | Thermal Camera

State of the art thermal Camera clearly and effectively locates warm and cold temperatures in the air, walls ceilings and floor, in any situation, to quickly and effective locate the problem which is then rectified.

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